On behalf of the Tournament Organizing Committee, I am pleased to welcome you to the 49th Annual Wallace Bernard Memorial Native Youth Hockey Tournament. Since its inception in 1974, this tournament has been one of the marquee events in Atlantic Aboriginal hockey. Many volunteers, including coaches, have participated over the years and it is through their dedication that this tournament has been such a success. They recognize, as Wally Bernard did, the value of sports to our Youth. They teach valuable lessons including the importance of sportsmanship, team work and discipline.

It is in this spirit that we should remind ourselves that this is a youth tournament and the examples we set as parents and fans are observed and followed. Many past players have gone on to become outstanding contributors to their communities and they speak fondly on their memories of this event. I, along with the Tournament Organizing Committee will work hard to ensure many more happy memories for another generation.

With this in mind, I invite you to cheer on your kids and your team, to celebrate victories and individual achievements and allow the kids to leave with a lifetime of great memories. Enjoy your weekend!

Mike Isadore


As Chief of Membertou, I am honoured to welcome you to the 49th Annual Wallace Bernard Memorial Native Youth Hockey Tournament. It is in the spirit of Wallace that we invite you to these games. He believed Mi’kmaq and other Native children should be able to play hockey if they have the will to. Most children playing here on the ice have dreams of making the NHL, and beyond. It is our job to keep these dreams alive. So let’s show a good example to our children, let them play fair, play safe, and play for fun. Wally would not have it any other way, for he was a true sportsman throughout his lifetime

Chief Terrence J. Paul